Titanium Ninja was a video game and media hosting site founded in May of 1984, for the purpose of creating and sharing independent projects, and even later on, triple-a titles. They closed down in 2012, as over the previous 2 years, the weekly visits of the site went down from 8,000 a week to as low as 12 per week. The site didn't gain much traction until August of 1984, as up until that point, only 2 users had signed up, a number that rose to 1 new user a day, which was an amazing thing to pull off at the time. It was around this time that the C64 Games library was added, for ConnectBox users on the C64. The first game on the site, Epic Racer, was a free game entirely made by the at the time CEO, Max Wilcox, to show off how easily you could download top quality games from online, and how the ConnectBox wasn't just for textual communications and informational sites. Epic Racer was downloaded 40,000 times over the course of the 18 years where it was available on the site, with the most yearly downloads being in 1986. Max and the other 2 people on his team worked on arcade ports (under different names than the source games often times), original games, and much more to make the site seem much more impressive.