Tire Smoke Rally: Top Speed is a game developed by Oak Dreams for the Wii and Filter Interactive for the DS and published by Envelope Entertainment in February 2007. It was released for Wii and DS exclusively, and is considered a game on par with Double Fusion in many aspects. The Wii version has the option to play with or without motion controls, though it was built for them, and the DS version has the option to turn off Touch Controlling, which the game was built to use.

Reception Edit

The Wii version got an 8.5/10, and was praised for its motion controls and gameplay, but suffered from buggy lighting and glitches, among other things, which dragged the game down. The DS version got an 9/10, and was praised for its graphics, stability, and fun gameplay, but was "a bit sloppy in the execution.", with a few bad design choices.