Tire Smoke Rally: Fusion is a game developed by Standing Boulder Visions and published by Envelope Entertainment in 2004 for Windows, PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube. This is the first game in the console series to be taken over by Standing Boulder Visions, previous developer of the portable games. It is famous for being the first Tire Smoke Rally game to be developed for Gamecube. The game was given an expansion pack on PC, which was added into the Enhanced versions of the game released 5 months later.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is typical for racing games. Win races to get money, use the money for various customization options and new cars, and use those upgrades to become the top street racing champion in the USA. You can get extra money by collecting "cash sign" symbols on the street. It is the first Tire Smoke Rally game to feature multiplayer on home consoles, as well as its PC counterpart. The game's multiplayer has 3 modes, Time Trials, Mile Trials, and Cash Trials.

Reception Edit

The game was well received by fans, new players, and critics, scoring a 9.5/10 on average. Critics praised graphical choices with nighttime lighting lit by neon lights, along with the enemy car system, and complained about how the camera can automatically fix itself behind you sometimes in Version 1.0. Overall, it was well received and was very faithful to the original 2 games, Tire Smoke Rally and Tire Smoke Rally 2: Street Revenge.