The Revengers is an NES game developed and published by Redstream Interactive in late 1993. It was largely inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. The game had no story, and the title was chosen "just to sound cool and appealing." The sound design was made on a 1985 DOS computer by Howard Richter, the CEO of Redstream. The audio was made to sound as close to Doom's metal soundtrack as possible. There were only 5 songs in game, with each one being a 1 minute loop. Each song was repeated at least thrice in the 16 levels of the game. There is also up to 2 player multiplayer in the form of splitscreen. The game was not licensed by Nintendo, being self published by Redstream, with the "Nintende Seal of Quality" instead of the "Nintendo Seal of Quality". The NES cartridge was made with black plastic, and looked very similar to normal NES cartridges. This was made to "stand out in video game stores". There were about 100,000 cartridges produced. It sold somewhat well, enough to warrant a Game Boy release in 1994, selling slightly less copies than its NES counterpart.