Restaurant Land: DS is a game for the Nintendo DS developed by SeaFish Studios and published by Incline Entertainment in June of 2005. It was made in the period of 7 months by SeaFish Studios with some guidance by Hoverboard Entertainment. It is loosely based on Restaurant Land 3, with the creativity mechanics shrunken down to be taken on the go. The stylus was utilized in full for the game, with buttons only being used for certain features. The game's premier feature is that you can run up to 4 restaurants at once on the go, with many of the 2nd and 3rd game's dishes intact.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is virtually unchanged from the PC versions, you manage a restaurant while trying to keep the customers happy. You can also play local multiplayer and, prior to the Nintendo WFC shutdown, play online. The game starts while you have to pay off your loan of $10,000. The tutorial shows you the basics, and by the time all of them have been shown, you have paid off the loan. You can then start playing normally. One of the key features is advertising. You can select how you will advertise and where you will advertise. The more popular the area, the more expensive it is, but the area's popularity will get you more customers. Also, the larger the advertisement, the more people will see it. A flyer won't attract nearly as many people as a billboard.

Story Edit

You are Gerald Corvi, an amateur chef looking to be a five-star chef, like your father, Leonard Corvi, a world famous chef. When Leonard doubts your skills as a chef, you decide to show him how good of a chef you are by creating a restaurant chain more popular than his own. You do this by getting a loan to buy a restaurant area in your hometown, hiring people, decorating and remodeling your restaurant, getting more skilled, and slowly climbing the ladder to the top.

Overview Edit

The game sold 325,000 worldwide, and was rated 9/10 on average. The game is considered one of the best restaurant related games on the DS, and a sequel to the game was released in 2006.