Morton the Racer is a PS1 game released and developed by Redstream Interactive in 2005. It stole many graphics from Driver: You Are the Wheelman, and was developed in 5 weeks. It later got a PS2 port, which looked worse than the PS1 version, and sometimes ran at a framerate as low as 4FPS. Overall, the game was barely playable, had bad sound design (due to the sound being created on a 1985 IBM PC), and didn't have a high enough render distance to qualify as a good racing game. Also, the art on the box showed a cartoony looking racing game taking place in the far future, but the game itself is a Driver knockoff. This was possibly due to a manufacturing mixup, as the game was rated E by the ESRB, but contained drug references and violence. The real Morton the Racer was never released, but a similar looking game, called Jombo, was released in 2006 for the PS1 by Redstream.