The Jersoft Personal 300 is an OS released for the Commodore 64 and DOS in early 1986. It introduced the 2.0 version of the web browser Jersoft BrowseBox, which introduced downloading and uploading and much more. It also came with the full version of Jersoft CreateBox 2.0, which was a revolutionary website creation tool that added the ability to have more than one bitmap image on a page, and allowed bitmaps over 16 x 16. It was a very popular console for developing video games on, especially on DOS, as websites rose up on ConnectBox with games for it. Some of the systems optimized for the Personal 300 had 3D effects, which drove up the prices of the units, but not by much. The 3D effects were often quite minimal, being comparable to the Super FX Chip's amount of polygons. A popular games hosting site at the time was Titanium Ninja, which boasted 2,150 games at the time of 1986, who promoted the use of 3D Optimized Personal 300s for compatibility. The Personal 300 OS sold well, selling 64,000 copies in the first week, and 2,350,000 copies in its lifetime.