The Jersoft Personal 200 was an operating system released by Jersoft in late 1983 for DOS and C64. It was a very popular office computer until 1986 with the release of Personal 300. It was bundled with a basic image editing program, Jersoft Easel, and a basic text editor, Jersoft Note. The 1.0 version of Personal 200 was plagued with long loading times and slowdown. The 1.1 version in early 1984 fixed one of these things, that being the slowdown. A 1.2 version 2 months later halved the loading times. It used a precursor to the internet, the Jersoft ConnectBox, a dial up modem that costed $300. You could pay $100 to Jersoft to upload a site, and you would have to pay $10 a month every month to keep it online. The ConnectBox was a DOS exclusive, as developers said that the C64 could not handle it, yet a downgraded ConnectBox was released for the C64 6 months after this claim.