The Jersoft Micro Jam is a console released in March 2012 in the US, and April 2012 in the UK by Jersoft. It was the successor to the Micro Extreme. It was delayed by 2 years. It was announced in 2009, stating that the console would be available in 2010. However, it was said in 2010 that it wouldn't be available until 2012. It had amazing 3D graphics, a new and improved operating system, and much more. At its launch, it had a price tag of $499.99. It dropped in 2013 to $299.99, and dropped in 2014 to $149.99. It has a 640x480 screen resolution. It was bundled with Jersoft Sports Collection, which was the only game until April 2012, where 7 more games released, including the long awaited Clockzone remake, which was planned for release on the Micro Extreme in 2006. Jersoft Sports Collection was stated to be the worst game for the console. Jersoft wouldn't let a third party release games for it until May 2012, in which month 70 games were released. The graphics are somewhere in between the PS2 and PS3.

There was an instance where Jersoft refused to produce Micro Media DVDs for a company because of lack of quality. In 2012, Jersoft denied A&I Games the right to make games for the Micro Jam because of how all of A&I's previous games were "awful cash-in titles of [Jersoft's] games." In 2016, they were informed the ban had been lifted.