The Jersoft Micro Extreme is a portable game console released in March 2004. It used a Micro Media DVD, a smaller version of a DVD developed specifically for the Micro Extreme. It had online capabilities, and no longer needed the link cable for local play. The Micro Extreme had a home computer-like operating system built into it, which was revolutionary. The touchscreen helped navigate the menus of this operating system. The original touchscreen was criticized for being a bit inaccurate when you used the stylus at an angle, but a new and improved touchscreen was added in the 1.1 version in May 2004. The system had anywhere from 8 to 64 gigabytes, which was absolutely revolutionary for its time. The operating system was very impressive, with you being able to do such things as browse the internet, watch videos online, download files, and even emulate game consoles.

Trivia Edit

  • The Micro Extreme was designed to be as advanced as it is because Jersoft heard false claims about the DS having online capabilities and a built in web browser. They wanted to do better than what the other companies were doing.
  • The Micro Extreme was planned to have backwards compatibility, but it doesn't.
  • Because of its usefulness and small price tag, many people who live in their cars use the Micro Extreme as an all-purpose media device.