The Jersoft ConnectBox was a primitive dial up modem service released in 1984. It was discontinued in 1998, because after 3 years of Jersoft having internet availability, people just weren't using the ConnectBox as much as they would normally be before the internet's introduction. You could publish websites by paying $100 up front to Jersoft and paying $10 every month after that. There were around 583,000 websites by the time of the ConnectBox's demise, with 15,600 being business sites for communication and file sharing. For office cost effectiveness, you could connect up to 4 people on a single one at a time. Jersoft had hosted downloadable games and software for their operating systems on one of their ConnectBox sites. It usually took about 3-5 minutes for someone to connect when one person was on a single ConnectBox Model 1.0, which shortened to 1-2 minutes with the Model 2.0 in late 1986. The host of the content put onto the Connectbox internet was, during April 1985, 12 linked DOS-based computers, each with a 100GB hard drive. The setup, at the time, was worth around $10,000 in today's money. Once, on March 25th, 1985, a Titanium Ninja forum user was reported to have used all of the memory of the ConnectBox, which was, at that point in time, 50GB. Seeing as how the ConnectBox had just celebrated its 1st anniversary, Jersoft took the expensive way out, as they didn't want to have to deal with buying more computers for memory for a few more years, leading them to launching the new setup on April 3rd, 1985.