Jersoft Computing is a computer company founded in 1970 by the late Howard Karloff, upon seeing the rise of the personal computer. They released their first computer, the Jersoft Clip, in 1971. The Jersoft Clip was a bulky work computer that attempted to be affordable. It had a 91 x 91 screen in monochrome and was optimized to use the coding language C. After 50,000 sales of this product, Jersoft attempted to make the first mobile computer. They failed to do it by the deadline of March 1973, so they made another budget home computer. The Clip Plus, introduced in 1974, had a 120 x 120 screen and was optimized for Binary, C, or BASIC. It was slightly bulkier than the original Clip. The Clip Plus sold 100,000 units, and Jersoft spent the money on creating a portable computer. They developed the Clip Mobile, a car computer device that would be placed at the passenger seat. It had a 91 x 91 monochrome screen, just like the original Clip, but with slightly less processing power and a less backlit screen. It was planned to be used as a work-away-from-home computer. It was released in early December 1977, and sold decently, with 60,000 units selling. It was 31 pounds.