Gun on the Run was a game released in December of 2002 for Dreamcast and Gamecube. The game starred Tommy Clinton, a solo gangster looking to do criminal odd jobs around Burrow City, New York, in the year of 2001. The game got 3.5/10 average reviews, being called "a pathetic excuse for a GTA Clone that was made by anonymous developers, and it's so bad that even the PUBLISHER is anonymous!". There was a Special Edition for Gamecube released in 2003, with a larger amount of missions, and with a pack in expansion, entitled Gun on the Run: Hard Crimes, all with the trade-off of being 3 seperate discs, 2 for the enhanced base game, and one for the expansion. The full, complete set of 3 discs is very hard to find today, as the majority of copies accidentally didn't package the 2nd disc, but the Hard Crimes expansion pack is relatively easy to find, even though only the Special Edition packed it in. The 2nd disc is worth around $100 loose, as only about 300 exist. About 10,000 copies were sold, and after the release of the game, River United Entertainment, the anonymous publishing company, shut down, and the rights to Gun on the Run were bought out by Snowbridge Entertainment, who demanded the anonymous developer, JKX Games, to make drastic changes to the formula, resulting in the 2nd Gun on the Run we know today.