The "Gun on the Run" series of games is a set of games created to combat GTA, mainly on platforms that GTA isn't available on. The first game, released in December 2002, attempted to combat GTA 3 and Vice City on Gamecube and Dreamcast. The second game, released June 2005, attempted to combat GTA San Andreas on Gamecube. Then, the third game, a direct continuation of the second, was released on Wii and Xbox 360 in July 2006, later being ported to the PC in February 2007. Afterwards, the fourth, released in February 2010, was a continuation of the first game, and was released after nearly 4 years of cancellations and work. The fifth, released as a Wii U exclusive in 2013, attempted to create a new plotline in the same city that the first took place in. A sixth game is planned for release on the Nintendo Switch for 2018 release. Also, 2 spinoffs were released, one for the DS in 2007, and one for the PSP in 2008. The series has gotten negative to decent reviews, with anywhere from 3/10 to 7/10.