Bakery Land 4 is notorious for its glitches. This page is to note many of the glitches in Bakery Land 4.

Invisible Hand Glitch Edit

Select Brownies in the food menu and start. Press your hand against the bowl at the start until your hand starts to shake. Press the pause button rapidly and your hand will disappear.

Game Breaking Glitch #1 Edit

On any game mode, hit your hand against the counter 3 or more times, then spill something on yourself. Quicksave and exit the game. You will be unable to load the save or any other save in the same computer due to corruption.

Infinite Tokens Edit

To get infinite ingredient tokens, select an item in the food menu and rapidly enter and exit it. Quicksave and load and you will have the amount of tokens according to the amount of times you exited. WARNING: The quicksave may corrupt!

Delete the Game Entirely Edit

There is a way to easily delete the files of the game. Just press "Delete Recipe" 3 times. Pressing it 4 times deletes Program Files, or Program Files x86, and 5 times deletes your OS.