Bakery Land HD is a game developed by Puzzlegem Interactive and published by Incline Entertainment in 2007. It is considered a huge step down from Bakery Land 5, as it uses mainly Bakery Land 4 assets, and has some less than HD graphics, with many graphics coming from the first game. It is a remake of Bakery Land 1, and is considered a "cash grab" by many. The game was rushed to completion, which explains the multitude of glitches.

It was advertised as "The next step up in bakery simulation", and even got its own strategy guide. It had 3 versions, the Standard Edition, which contains the game only, the Baker's Edition, which features the strategy guide and the game, and the Special Edition, containing the strategy guide, the game, a poster, and a limited edition Bakery Land HD keyboard. The special edition was originally sent out with 400 copies, but around 300,000 were actually made, making it the most common version of the game. Ironically, the rarest is the Standard Edition, with 10,000 copies made.

The reviews range from around 3/10 to 4/10, with some reviewers claiming the game wouldn't even load for them without modification to the code. One even said that their factory sealed Standard Edition copy didn't even contain Disc 1.