Bakery Land 5: Brownie Baking, also known as Bakery Land 5, is a game developed by Puzzlegem Interactive and published by Incline Entertainment in 2007. It is significantly better than Bakery Land 4, with the return of Multiplayer in the form of Multiplayer Planet, and the re-addition of everything removed in Bakery Land 4, with even more added. It is notably the first game with Customize Your Baker mode, and the first game with the Design Your Delicacy.

Gameplay Edit

New Additions Edit

Customize Your Baker Edit

Customize Your Baker mode, or CYB mode, is a new mode added in Bakery Land 5. You are granted the ability to customize the baker you play as in the game. There are hundreds of detailed customization options available, and completing certain goals in the main game unlocks more options. You can change your clothes, change the colors, and even add text to your shirt.

Design Your Delicacy Edit

Design your Delicacy mode, or DYD mode, is a mode added in Bakery Land 5, allowing you to add designs, text, and frosting to your cake, and customize its colors.

The Pantry Edit

The Pantry is an online gallery of downloadable in-game foods and recipes for people to use in their game session. You are able to post foods to The Pantry at any time you want to.

Customer Respect Edit

Customers will begin to respect you and start buying more costly things and coming back to your store when you have either a decent looking bakery, better employees, free samples, or something else. Satisfied customers will attract more customers to your bakery through positive reviews and recommending your bakery.