Bakery Land is a game developed by Badge Studios and published by Incline Entertainment. It was released in 2002 for mainly Windows XP, and has you baking various foods to gain customer satisfaction. It has a small cult following online, with the Internet Baking mod introducing online play with 5 modes. As of December 2015, it has sold about 132,250 copies.

Gameplay Edit

You run a bakery and cook foods, remodel your bakery, and price goods. You can cook many different foods, which are listed below:

  • Cake (Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate)
  • Brownie (Chocolate, Cookie)
  • Cookie (Chocolate Chip, Raisin, Chocolate)
  • Donut (Glazed, Sugar, Chocolate)
  • Chocolate-Covered Pretzel
  • Pie (Apple, Banana Cream, Cherry)